Petit Hotel

Petit Hotel is a platform dedicated to showcasing handpicked hotels exclusively located in Sweden. Through their website, travelers can explore and book unique stays, ranging from charming countryside bed-and-breakfasts to stylish urban accommodations. They offer a curated selection of hotels, each chosen for its distinct character and personalized hospitality. simplifies the process of finding and booking these distinctive Swedish getaways, ensuring travelers discover memorable and tailored experiences during their stays.

Utvalda små hotell med förstklassig mat

2023 -

Our Partnership

We at Visual Screens are proud to collaborate with Petit Hotel, providing continuous updates to their website. Taking over the reins from the initial developers, our partnership extends to facilitating any necessary updates and modifications on the website as per Petit Hotel’s requirements. Most of our changes consist of the front-end design of the website. The developers did a really good job with the back-end of the website, making our job easier, credit where credit is due.

Whether it’s modernizing the whole landing page, adding a completely new page or a hotel, or incorporating changes to enhance functionality, we works diligently to uphold the website’s quality and relevance.

We ensure that every modification seamlessly aligns with Petit Hotel’s vision. We take pride in our ongoing collaboration, striving to support Petit Hotel in offering its users an immersive and hassle-free experience while exploring unique stays across Sweden.