Global Soccer Management

Global Soccer Management (GSM) is a leading agency specializing in the representation and management of football players. They work with players from various levels, from rising stars to established professionals, guiding their careers in the competitive world of football. GSM’s primary role revolves around representing players’ interests in contract negotiations with clubs, ensuring their clients secure favorable deals that align with their goals and ambitions. They use their extensive network and industry expertise to connect players with suitable teams, aiming to maximize their potential and opportunities within the sport.


Disclaimer: We did not make GSM's public website

What we did

GSM entrusted us with a pivotal project; creating a secure, password-protected database website to streamline their operations. With over 200 players under their guidance and a vast network of contacts, the database we developed empowers GSM to efficiently manage player profiles, club requests, and maintain crucial connections, all in the same place. Our tailored solution ensures seamless accessibility and organization, empowering GSM to focus on what they do best: nurturing talent and shaping the future of football.